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Teta Bursary 2024/2025 | Easy Online Guide & Eligibility

    The Transport Education and Training Authority (TETA) Bursary program stands as a beacon of support for aspiring individuals in the transport sector. Recognizing the pivotal role education plays in shaping future industry leaders, TETA is committed to fostering academic excellence and facilitating access to education within the dynamic field of transportation.

    TETA’s mission revolves around promoting skills development, ensuring a skilled workforce, and contributing to economic growth within the transport sector. The vision of TETA is to be a leading force in skills development, creating opportunities for advancement and sustainability in the transport industry.

    Table of Courses

    Program NameProgram TypeAvailability
    Financial ManagementManagementOngoing
    Electrical EngineeringEngineeringOngoing
    Aeronautical EngineeringEngineeringOngoing
    Marine EngineeringEngineeringOngoing
    Maritime Mechanical EngineeringEngineeringOngoing
    Risk ManagementDiploma, ManagementOngoing
    Transportation ManagementDiploma, ManagementOngoing
    Road Transport ManagementDiploma, ManagementOngoing
    Maritime LawDiploma, ManagementOngoing
    Health and Safety ManagementManagementOngoing
    Logistics ManagementDiploma, ManagementOngoing
    Financial ManagementDiploma, ManagementOngoing
    Business AdministrationBusinessOngoing
    Commercial Pilot LicenseDiplomaOngoing
    Transport EconomicsDiploma, EconomicsOngoing
    Maritime LawLawOngoing

    Educational Support and Benefits through TETA Bursary

    A pivotal aspect of your educational pursuit is the tuition fee, a necessary investment to sustain your academic progress. Recognizing the financial challenges associated with the high cost of education, TETA Bursary stands as a crucial support system. By directly paying your semester fees to the institute, the TETA Bursary ensures the uninterrupted continuation of your studies.

    For those who travel from distant areas, managing daily meals can be a challenge. With TETA Bursary’s financial aid, this concern is alleviated. The bursary covers meal fees directly to your institute, providing you with two nutritious meals each day. These meals are specially designed to enhance cognitive abilities, catering to the nutritional needs essential for your academic journey.

    Access to course books and study materials can be a barrier for many students. However, as a beneficiary of the TETA Bursary, this hurdle is overcome. The bursary provides all necessary course books, research articles, related magazines, and theses free of charge, accessible through the institute’s library.

    Rural area students often secure admission but encounter challenges with residency. TETA Bursary addresses this concern by offering accommodation options, either within the university premises or in a private hostel, ensuring a conducive living environment for academic success.

    For those residing near town, TETA Bursary extends support through a transportation fee. This financial provision allows you the flexibility to visit your family on a weekly or monthly basis, ensuring a healthy balance between academic commitments and personal connections.

    In essence, the TETA Bursary goes beyond tuition assistance, encompassing essential aspects of your educational journey, from meals and course materials to accommodation and transportation. This holistic support system aims to empower you to focus on your academic endeavors without the burden of financial constraints.

    Eligibility Criteria For TETA Bursary Program

    The prospective candidate is required to hold permanent citizenship in the specified region (South Africa). Additionally, the applicant should fall within the age bracket of 18 to 35 years. It is essential that the candidate is currently unemployed and lacks the financial means to support their studies independently.

    Furthermore, the applicant must possess matriculation completion documents and express a commitment to pursuing full-time studies. For those aspiring to pilot, a private piloting license is a prerequisite. Academic qualifications must reflect a minimum of 50% marks, accompanied by a commendable academic history.

    Individuals seeking the bursary for commercial diving should have attained the age of 18 and possess proficiency in swimming, as well as proficiency in reading, speaking, and writing English.

    Importantly, the candidate should not be a recipient of any financial assistance or scholarship from another organization. These criteria collectively ensure that the bursary is awarded to individuals who meet specific qualifications and demonstrate a genuine need for financial support in their educational pursuits.

    Application Process For TETA Bursary Program

    Visit the official TETA website for a comprehensive overview of the bursary program. Navigate through the dedicated section providing intricate details about the TETA Bursary program, including eligibility criteria, application requirements, and essential deadlines. If necessary, initiate the creation of an online account on the TETA platform, ensuring the accuracy of the provided information.

    Carefully complete the online application form, ensuring meticulous details about personal information, academic background, and thoughtful responses to specific questions. Compile and submit the required documentation, including academic transcripts, proof of acceptance or enrollment, and any materials specified in the guidelines.

    Before finalizing the submission, conduct a thorough review of the application to ensure accuracy in all provided details. Confirm the successful upload of all necessary documents.

    The TETA Bursary program stands as a testament to TETA’s dedication to cultivating a skilled workforce within the transport industry. Prospective applicants are strongly encouraged to familiarize themselves with the program details on the official TETA website, recognizing and embracing the transformative opportunities that the TETA Bursary offers on the path to academic and professional advancement within the dynamic transport sector.