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Sassa status Check

    How to check SASSA SRD ?

    1. To SASSA Status Check you need to enter your South African ID in the selected “ID Number” section. Click here
    2. Enter your cell phone number in the selected “Phone Number” section that is used to submit your grant application.
    3. Click on ‘Check Now‘ button to send your request .
    4. SASSA Status Check system will display the month for which your grant has been approved and display it with your App ID.

    Check sassa payment dates

    Sassa online application

    SRD Status Check for R350 on WhatsApp

    The official SASSA WhatsApp Number offer SRD status for R350 applicants. This convenient method allows you to chat and message to SASSA Team online to check your application status, resolve any issues you may have, and seek guidance on eligibility criteria, application procedures, verifications, and other related inquiries.

    • Add SASSA WhatsApp number 082 046 8553 to check your status through the Official SASSA Team.

    To check your SASSA Status on WhatsApp, you will need to send a message ‘SASSA’ to the official team. Then you will receive a prompt with options for status review. Choose your grant and reply with ‘Status Check’ for verification to receive your SRD status check results for R350 along with your Application ID.

    By using the SASSA WhatsApp, recipients can communicate directly with the managing authorities and receive prompt assistance for specific issues, status updates, and more. You can also feel free to reach out to us at (official email) if you face a problem with the WhatsApp method.

    Check SASSA R350 Grant Status on Phone

    To check if your R350 Social Relief of Distress grant application has been approved, you can verify the SRD status check on your phone. Here is how to confirm your SRD 350 status.

    1. From your SASSA-linked phone number Dial 080 060 1011.
    2. Provide your South African ID and your Registered Mobile Number.
    3. Answer a few questions, on the automated prompt.
    4. Enter your ID and cell phone number to receive an OTP.
    5. Finally receive your Application Status.

    You will also receive an SMS containing your SASSA application status details, allowing you to collect your grant from any acceptable money collection option you have selected for withdrawal.


    Meanings of SASSA Status Result

    Discover the latest SASSA stats by checking your status check results below.
    1. Approved: Congratulations SASSA has granted your application, and you will start receiving monthly benefits. The status report will include the payout amount, along with a Reference ID and App ID.
    2. Not Qualified / Rejected: Unfortunately, your application did not meet the qualification criteria or was declined based on the eligibility requirements.
    3. Pending: Your social relief grant is currently pending and will be reviewed by national authorities soon. It could also mean you have not selected a means to access your money, and you need to change the Sassa Payment Method.
    4. Canceled / Declined: Your grant has been declined for a reason.
    1. Your monthly income exceeds the minimum threshold.
    2. Sassa review found an alternative income source in the means test.
    3. There is more than R624 amount in your bank account or Sassa Gold card.
    4. Your Identity Information registered in NSFAS and UIF database records.
    5. Bank Details Pending: You have not linked your bank account with Sassa, and it is advised to update your SASSA bank details.