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Industrial Development Corporation (IDC) Bursary 2024 |Application Guide

    In the dynamic landscape of education and professional development, the Industrial Development Corporation (IDC) stands as a stalwart supporter of aspiring individuals, committed to fostering innovation and growth. The IDC Bursary program is a testament to its dedication to empowering future leaders across diverse fields. This comprehensive overview delves into the key facets of the IDC Bursary, shedding light on its mission, eligibility criteria, application process, and the transformative opportunities it provides.

    Understanding the Mission and Vision Of IDC

    This mission underscores the IDC’s role as a proactive force in propelling industrial progress within the nation. By serving as a catalyst, the organization aims to stimulate and accelerate economic development, contributing significantly to South Africa’s industrial landscape. The mission of the IDC is succinctly defined as ; “To be a catalyst for industrial development by effectively driving economic growth and creating strategic industrial partnerships.”

    This visionary statement highlights the IDC’s ambition to assume a pivotal role in steering industrial development that is not only commercially viable but also sustainable over the long term. The emphasis on innovation underscores the organization’s commitment to staying at the forefront of technological advancements and novel approaches to industry. The vision of the IDC articulates a future state that the organization aspires to achieve; “To be the primary driver of commercially sustainable industrial development and innovation to benefit South Africa and the broader African continent.”

    The IDC’s commitment extends to education, with a focus on nurturing talent and facilitating access to quality learning experiences. The bursary program is a pivotal avenue through which the IDC actively contributes to shaping the country’s future leaders. The vision underscores the importance of commercially sustainable industrial development, indicating a focus on initiatives that are economically viable in the long run.

    The IDC Bursary Study Programs

    Commercial Law

    Program NameProgram TypeAvailability
    Commercial LawLaw; BComOngoing
    Commercial LawLaw; Postgraduate DiplomaOngoing
    Bachelor of LawLLBOngoing

    Applied Commercial Sciences

    Program NameProgram TypeAvailability
    EconometricsApplied Commercial SciencesOngoing
    EconomicsApplied Commercial SciencesOngoing
    PhysicsApplied Commercial SciencesOngoing
    AgricultureApplied Commercial SciencesOngoing
    Quantitative Risk ManagementApplied Commercial SciencesOngoing
    Information TechnologyApplied Commercial SciencesOngoing
    AccountingApplied Commercial SciencesOngoing
    StatisticsApplied Commercial SciencesOngoing
    MathematicsApplied Commercial SciencesOngoing
    Financial EngineeringApplied Commercial SciencesOngoing
    Investment ManagementApplied Commercial SciencesOngoing
    Computer ScienceApplied Commercial SciencesOngoing


    Program NameProgram TypeAvailability
    Financial EngineeringEngineeringOngoing
    Chemical EngineeringEngineeringOngoing
    Mechanical EngineeringEngineeringOngoing
    Metallurgy EngineeringEngineeringOngoing
    Analytical ChemistryEngineeringOngoing
    Mining EngineeringEngineeringOngoing
    Electronic EngineeringEngineeringOngoing
    Mine SurveyEngineeringOngoing
    Industrial EngineeringEngineeringOngoing

    Eligibility Criteria

    The applicant is required to possess South African nationality, and the funding will be exclusively allocated to permanent residents of the region. Furthermore, the applicant must fall within the age range of 16 to 25 years; individuals outside this specified range will not be considered for the funds.

    In addition, the applicant should be currently enrolled in high school and pursuing studies in the specified fields as part of an undergraduate program or intending to secure admission in the mentioned undergraduate fields. Enrollment in a higher education institution within the region (South Africa) or a TVET College is a prerequisite.

    For graduate candidates, attaining a minimum B grade in both mathematics and science, as well as maintaining an overall average of 75%, is mandatory. A cumulative average of 65% is stipulated for graduate candidates. Moreover, students enrolled in tertiary education are required to successfully complete all their courses before submitting an application.

    To gauge financial need, information on the candidate’s household income is essential. Priority for program funding will be given to students from rural areas. Importantly, applicants should not be recipients of funds from any other scholarship or employer assistance. These eligibility criteria collectively ensure that the scholarship is targeted towards deserving candidates who meet the specified criteria and demonstrate genuine financial need.

    Application Process

    Visit the official IDC website to access a comprehensive repository of information pertaining to the bursary program. Delve into the specialized section that meticulously outlines the intricate details of the IDC Bursary program. Gain a profound understanding of the eligibility criteria, application prerequisites, and critical deadlines governing the application process.

    Should it be deemed necessary, initiate the creation of an online account on the IDC platform, ensuring the provision of precise and up-to-date information throughout the account establishment procedure. Approach the completion of the online application form with meticulous attention, furnishing details regarding personal information, academic background, and thoughtfully addressing specific questions.

    Upon completion of the application form, proceed to submit the requisite documentation. This should encompass academic transcripts, evidence of acceptance or enrollment, and any additional materials explicitly stipulated in the provided guidelines. Prior to final submission, conduct a comprehensive review of the application to ensure accuracy in all provided details.

    Confirm that all essential documents have been successfully uploaded, fortifying the integrity and completeness of the application. This thorough and detailed approach significantly enhances the prospect of a successful application submission, aligning with the stringent standards of the IDC Bursary program.

    Contact Details

    Website: IDC Official Website
    Contact Page: IDC Contact Page
    Phone: +27 11 269 3000

    The IDC Bursary program signifies a deliberate investment in human capital, in harmony with the IDC’s broader vision for a thriving and innovative South Africa. Prospective candidates are urged to explore the intricacies of the program by referring to the official IDC website. By doing so, they can harness the transformative opportunities offered through the IDC Bursary, paving the way for academic and professional excellence.